Lovelies — December 9, 2016


I have to say this b4 I welcome my newest lovely. I love each and all of my subbies ❤ You guys are fab. 🙂 Now here she is. Shop Girl. 🙂 Welcome to my personal hell. I get called goth bc I wear mostly black or gray…  I am also addicted to TWD so, I have black t-shirts too! LOL

Hotdogs with chips for lunch. ❤


Pokeball Dreams — December 8, 2016
A new lovely for me! —

A new lovely for me!

Welcome Dominik to my personal hell. 🙂  Have a viva puff, one of my favorite cookies… damn diabetes DX

Today is Thursday, which means I’m on for dishes tonight, but luckily it is a non messy meal … it is shepherd’s pie. It is also social night, I don’t go bc I feel very uneasy around a lot of people. So, I am going to stay home and write fic. It’s a crossover between Eerie Indiana and the X-Files. It is going to be epic. You can read the first bit here.

I am going to fight my CFS bc I don’t want to be that person who misses out on life bc she is asleep all the time, y’know?

Sam your greatball



Being Jewish at Christmas time… — December 7, 2016

Being Jewish at Christmas time…

As you may or mayn’t noticed, I am a Jewish woman living in a predominantly Christian house. I find it hard sometimes to stay afloat in all the Xmas decorations, carolling and what have you. I have no choice but to eat what the house eats — which is pork and pork products. I will eat ham and bacon but that is it. Pork is a forbidden food.

This house embraces Christmastime, but thankfully Hanukkah is just around the corner. I shall drink hot cocoa and I’ll even sing carols but I will always feel uncomfortable doing so. So, to combat the Christmas cheer, I will watch 8 crazy nights and feel good being a Jew.




A new lovely for meeee…. :-) —

A new lovely for meeee…. :-)

Everyone say hello to Aquileana! Welcome to Albatross Wing. I am glad to have you aboard. :-)bn

So, WP is STILL giving me this login page where it says that I am in WP as my sister. I don’t know if this is a hacker trying to get in or maybe my sister is using my machine… idk.. I hope it’s not hackers. 😦 Is anyone else having this trouble?

It is the 7th and still no snow. I don’t want a repeat of last year’s green Xmas. 😦 But I shouldn’t care. I have Hanukkah. 🙂  I am going to watch 8 Crazy Nights maybe one of these days. Watch me wait until the hols are over and … well… I am a bit of a procrastinator… and plus I have the library’s copy of Goodfellas to watch again. ❤

Sam your greatball.

A new lovely for moi. — December 2, 2016

A new lovely for moi.

Guys, lets extend a welcome to Echo. 🙂 I may not always make sense but you can trust me. *shifty eyes* Yupp. 🙂 I have good news. Coll bought me a pink DSi! Girly whirly stuff! lol Seriously, that’s ok. Coll is buying me some styluses for our Nintendo devices. F*ck yes!!!!!! And, they got me some eCards. So that I can get both Pokemon Sun & Moon.

Coll has some chips and drinks to have when she gets home.

Sam your greatball.


Hai thar…. — December 1, 2016

Hai thar….

I’m just listening to Fleetwood Mac and waiting for Colly to return. I had a great entry written up and my browser decided to take a nosedive and crash. I swear, there aren’t that many Mac stuff out there. You have to really dig if you want some. Like on Coll’s lappy I have Photoshop and Paintshop Pro… but the only graphics program I found was Gimp and I hate Gimp. Barnacles. 😦 Aw well.. who gives a f*ck, I say, there are probably good graphics programs out there. I just haven’t found them yet. I will persevere.

/rantish bit of text.

I am getting Pokemon Sun tomorrow. I am so excited. I have a q for y’all. Is it (Sun) easy or hard? Don’t give me spoilers… I just want to know if it’s a breeze or a nightmare. That’s all. (I kind of like hard Pokemon games. It gives me a challenge y’know? 🙂 I am choosing Poppilo bc I love this seal/mermaid pokemon. It’s cute and I don’t like the final evo of Rowlet. It just is stupid looking. Litten looks cute but the final evo, it looks like a wrestler and it has these gigantic cartoonish hands/paws, and I just hate that. So… I am going to hard reset until I get a female Popplio bc I really can’t see Popplio being a guy.


Wooo… that was a lot of words. o_O


I’m going retro… —

I’m going retro…

Guess what I am getting today ppl? A DSi! I am not necessarily selling my 2DS but I am buying the older system for nostalgia. I happen to like older handhelds. Call me an old fart but I am also getting Pokemon Sun so I’m not an old fart yet. I believe that 50 – 70 yrs old is an old fart.

And, the DSi comes with a camera and you can upload the pix on FB. If you want to follow me on FB be aware that I post ridiculous selfies and close ups on random things. I can be a strange girl at times. (well, nearly all the time…. lol)

You can see my loot when Coll gets it. She knows that I have agoraphobia and is a sweetheart. ❤ I am going to do a vlog and show y’all.


Good! WP is back! :-) —

Good! WP is back! :-)

Guys, I know it’s been awhile but for the longest time, WordPress didn’t work with my mac and it was giving me trouble with posting stuff.



So, what’s shakin’? I hope that WP will continue their good service to me and not shut me out. It’s good to be back in the saddle.



Hey! They fixed WP up! — November 24, 2016

Hey! They fixed WP up!

Alright! Before it was very buggy and laggy and half the time it was not working right. I think that WP hates Macs though. I have a Mac but right now I am on my sister’s computer which is a Lenovo PC. It works for her… I swear, if I have to work on the web w/ the shitty Safari, I will. But I want your opinion. If you own a Mac such as I, does WP work for you?

And, drumroll please… I have a new lovely! Her name is Christy! Welcome to my version of hell. 🙂

My stomach hurts. I can’t drink powdered milk. I get nauseous. I might be lactose intolerant. It does this with processed cheese slices. If I drink regular milk and eat real dairy, then I’m ok.

Oh the shit I must endure! :-p