Alright! Before it was very buggy and laggy and half the time it was not working right. I think that WP hates Macs though. I have a Mac but right now I am on my sister’s computer which is a Lenovo PC. It works for her… I swear, if I have to work on the web w/ the shitty Safari, I will. But I want your opinion. If you own a Mac such as I, does WP work for you?

And, drumroll please… I have a new lovely! Her name is Christy! Welcome to my version of hell. šŸ™‚

My stomach hurts. I can’t drink powdered milk. I get nauseous. I might be lactose intolerant. It does this with processed cheese slices. If I drink regular milk and eat real dairy, then I’m ok.

Oh the shit I must endure! :-p