I’m just listening to Fleetwood Mac and waiting for Colly to return. I had a great entry written up and my browser decided to take a nosedive and crash. I swear, there aren’t that many Mac stuff out there. You have to really dig if you want some. Like on Coll’s lappy I have Photoshop and Paintshop Pro… but the only graphics program I found was Gimp and I hate Gimp. Barnacles. 😦 Aw well.. who gives a f*ck, I say, there are probably good graphics programs out there. I just haven’t found them yet. I will persevere.

/rantish bit of text.

I am getting Pokemon Sun tomorrow. I am so excited. I have a q for y’all. Is it (Sun) easy or hard? Don’t give me spoilers… I just want to know if it’s a breeze or a nightmare. That’s all. (I kind of like hard Pokemon games. It gives me a challenge y’know? 🙂 I am choosing Poppilo bc I love this seal/mermaid pokemon. It’s cute and I don’t like the final evo of Rowlet. It just is stupid looking. Litten looks cute but the final evo, it looks like a wrestler and it has these gigantic cartoonish hands/paws, and I just hate that. So… I am going to hard reset until I get a female Popplio bc I really can’t see Popplio being a guy.


Wooo… that was a lot of words. o_O